Perfect Gifts for This Christmas Season in 2021

Perfect Gifts for This Christmas Season in 2021

Perfect Gifts for This Christmas Season in 2021

Bells are jingling, snow is falling, and the halls are decked with boughs of holly; but have you found the perfect holiday present for your loved one yet? You don’t want to wait around in crowded shopping malls, scavenging for last minute Christmas gifts.

Here are the perfect presents that you can get your loved ones this holiday season:

1. Perfect for any age group - a customized portrait in various designs!

The pillars of gift giving - being unique, being unexpected, and being surprising - are all found in a personalized portrait. These drawings are made from scratch and embedded into wall hangings or wooden boards. Custom Fairy makes customized Christmas gifts. You can submit a picture of you and your loved ones and have yourselves drawn in all kinds of adorable sceneries and styles.

2. For the kid who is bored of all his toys - a tech present can bring them joy!

Oftentimes children grow bored of getting the same generic toys on christmas, such as cars, dolls, kitchen sets etc. These days, you can find more creative toys that will stimulate your child's mind. They include interesting puzzles, DIY science experiments, toys that teach your child about programming and computers, etc. These kinds of presents are important for children in the growing phase as it can teach them to think more creatively, which will benefit them later in life. 

3. For the family who has everything - unique presents for a crowd to enjoy!

It can be hard to shop for one person, but what about an entire family? Before you panic, we want to suggest some of the best presents for larger groups of people to enjoy together. In particular, creative board games and outdoor activities can be enjoyed by every member of the family, regardless of age. You can find board games such as the Murder Mystery Clue game, in which each member has to pitch in to help solve a murder.

4. So you don’t have to wait in line at malls - last minute gifts!

Early bird gets the worm, but you might've missed your chance this christmas.  Busy schedules and forgetfulness deter us from doing early Christmas shopping, and buying last minute gifts can be a hassle made of empty shelves and crowded malls. Not to worry, you can still order a Custom Fairy customized portrait at the last minute, and have it delivered to your loved ones right on time. 

5. Bring a little fun into an adult's life - artistic coloring books!

No adult wants to receive the same old key chain or mug for this Christmas. If you’re looking to get more creative, we recommend browsing adult coloring books. These can include hilarious cartoons and pop culture reference books that adults will be sure to enjoy. These coloring books can be used for stress relief after a busy day, and even the most artistically challenged adult in your life is bound to enjoy them. They also make for a great family activity!

6. The perfect housewarming present - customized wall clocks!

Know a couple that just moved into a new place? They could use some fresh decor, and what better present than a customized wall clock! You can get wall clocks which have personalized stars constellations on them. This is the perfect birthday present for a loved one as you can get the exact constellation to suit their date of birth and area of birth. You can also get wall clocks that are family themed or heart shaped clocks for valentines day. All of these clocks are unique as they can be personalized with pictures and names of your family and friends. 

7. For pet owners! The perfect personalized portraits.

You can now get yourself or your loved ones drawn into adorable characters with your favorite pets! These drawings make the perfect wall hangings and wall art. This gift is ideal for both dog owners and cat owners. It makes for a good Christmas gift as it saves you from the hassle of going to shop in crowded malls and markets. The swift shipping will ensure that the gift reaches just in time for the holidays.

8. Got a friend with a green thumb? Get them a personalized succulent plant!

A houseplant is the perfect holiday gift for many reasons! For those with good gardening skills, it will last a long time and bring them joy everyday. You can now order customized succulent plants by having a portrait drawn on the pot! If you’re giving it to a friend, simply upload their best photo and write their name, and you’ll be giving them the best present of their life in no time.

So what are you waiting for? This holiday season, order a customized portrait for your loved ones, and avoid last minute shopping. You can browse our gift collections here. 

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