DIY Gifts You Can Make at Home For Your Partner

DIY Gifts You Can Make at Home For Your Partner

DIY Gifts You Can Make at Home For Your Partner

You’ve probably heard by now that it's the thought that counts, not the price tag when it comes to gift giving. This is one of the many reasons to do the DIY route. DIY, also known as do-it-yourself, refers to gifts that are made by you at your home, with materials that are either purchased or already available in your home. The benefit of DIY gifts is that you can put a lot more love, effort, and personalization into them, while being on a minimal budget. A DIY gift is perfect for couples because you can put all of your love into it, and your partner is bound to appreciate it more for that reason. In this article, we’ve put together the top DIY gifts that you can make for your partner.

1. Picture Frame Message Boards

These are simple, trendy frames that have some kind of motivational or loving message written in them. They make stunning wall hanging and decorations. These are especially suitable for couples who have just moved into a new home. You can make these message boards by purchasing or building a frame of any shape of your preference. These, simply create the letters for the message board and paste them into the frame. You can add any level of customization, including themes, colors, and designs of your desire. 

2. DIY Bath Bombs

There's many reasons to love bath bombs. They have a pleasant scent and soothing fizz that can help relieve the stress of a long day. If you feel like your boyfriend or girlfriend needs that kind of soothing calmness in their life, then you might want to make them a bath bomb. Store bought bath bombs are generally expensive but making them at home is easier than you might think. There’s many different recipes to be found online but the most common ones usually include Baking soda, Citric acid, Cornstarch, Epsom salt, Oils and Liquid. All of these things are probably already lying around your house, so what are you waiting for!

3. Hand Painted Holiday Mugs

A great gift idea for those who are short on time - hand painted mugs! You’ll want to get a ceramic mug that can hold the stain of the paint well. This gift idea lets you unleash your creativity, and you can gift your partner multiple mugs with different artistic designs and pictures on them. You can also write personalized messages or draw cute cartoons reflecting your best memories together.

4. Homemade Brownie Mix

Brownie mixes are an easy way to make delicious baked goods without putting in too much effort. You can actually make a large batch of dried brownie mix at home, and then use it at any time to make delicious brownies. There are many recipes available, and the most common ones have to incorporate different ratios of flour, sugar, cocoa powder, baking powder, and baking soda. Whenever you are craving something sweet, you can just add an egg or milk according to instructions and start baking. The brownie mix can be stored in a jar which can be decorated with sweet messages for your beloved. 

5. Instagram Calendar

An instagram calendar is a great gift for a partner who is addicted to social media! Simply grab screenshots from your partner's instagram and use the pictures to create a beautiful calendar. You may need to hop onto photoshop or canva to create the calendar design, and then you can get it printed in high quality for your partner to enjoy. This is a great gift as your partner will be reminded of you all year round, whenever they go to check the date on the calendar.

6. Handmade Journal 

A store bought journal is an easy thing to buy, which is why it may not be the best gift for your beloved as there is not a lot of effort in it. A handmade journal, on the other hand, shows your true love. Journals can be made by stringing different types of paper together and then creating a cover page. You can include designed paper, watercolor paper, lined paper, dotted paper, and more. This is a great gift for creative partners who love to write or draw. You can add personalized messages to the cover page and create the entire journal according to your preferred theme.

Whether you're shopping for your partner, best friend, boss, colleague, or fiance, we are certain that you will have found a suitable present after going through this list. Don't forget to check out the range of personalized presents available at Custom Fairy if you want to find the perfect presents for loved ones.

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