7 Personalized Gifts That Would Make Your Father Happy

7 Personalized Gifts That Would Make Your Father Happy

7 Personalized Gifts That Would Make Your Father Happy

Fathers day is the perfect occasion to say thank you to the Dad who has always looked out for you. Our fathers are the ones who take care of us, they can be strict sometimes but they always have our best interests at heart. With Father's Day coming up, you might be looking for ideas on how to buy a gift for your father. In this article, we’ll go over some of the best personalized father gifts categories that different types of fathers may enjoy:

1. For the father who enjoys a laugh: personalized cartoon wall hanging

You can get personalized caricatures of yourself drawn with your father! These caricatures are printed in high quality on wooden wall hangings, and are great for hanging around your house to commemorate your memories with your father. This is a great gift as you can add a good amount of personalization, which makes the gift more special to the receiver. You can get a variety of different scenes and settings in which you and your father will be drawn. 

2. For the fathers who love to cook: outdoor barbeque grill

Those of us who grew up with our dad's delicious cooking know that there is no other chef that can compare. At every family party and reunion, you can find dad at the grill in a cheesy apron, happily grilling and basting the ribs while telling dad jokes to anyone close enough to listen. If you’ve got a dad like that, you should definitely invest in a high quality outdoor grill. Long gone are the days of lighting fire over coal, you can now get your dad an electric grill which fires up in seconds and can be used to cook the juiciest meat.

3. For fathers with adventurous hearts: Outdoor camping kit

Looking for an activity that you and your father can enjoy together? Camping is the perfect opportunity for father-child bonding. Out in the fresh air amongst trees and lakes, you are bound to make lots of important new memories. A camping kit usually includes  foldable tents, sleeping bags and pillows, flashlights, camping chairs, lighters, bags, and more. This is the perfect present for adventurous and active fathers, as camping can provide great exercise and is perfect for summer holidays. 

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4. For the working father: new electronic device

Our fathers are usually the breadwinners of the household, and they pay for our expenses to the best of their abilities. If you have a working father who spends most of the day at an office job, then the best present may be an electronic device. This can include a new ipad, phone, laptop, etc. Chances are, their old office device is in serious need of an upgrade, so they'll greatly appreciate the gift. The device should be able to make their working pace easier, and it should not be too complex for them to use.

5. For the competitive father: Indoor table tennis set

Perhaps you have an active father but your countries conditions don’t support outdoor activities like camping. Another great option is to find some kind of indoor activity for your father to indulge in. Table tennis, also known as ping pong, is one of the best indoor sports that people can invest in. A Table Tennis table is relatively affordable and only requires a few balls and rackets for the game to commence. It's another great way to encourage father-child bonding as both parties can spend multiple hours a day playing games at the table. It’s also a great staple to have in the house as for guests to play whenever they come over. 

6. For the whiskey lover: personalized whiskey making kit

Whiskey loving dads will rejoice over this present. Whiskey making kits often include a customized wooden barrel, in which people can age their own whiskey. The kits also often include instructions, barrel cleaning tools, paper funnel, stand, bung, and spigot. It’s the perfect activity and your father will treasure the whiskey he makes as it is his own creation, rather than something bought from a store. This kind of gift lasts a very long time and chances are you will still be drinking your dad's homemade whiskey decades after initially gifting him the kit.

7. For the tired dad: portable electronic massager

We’ve all probably seen our dad come home tired from work, trying to relax on the couch. Many dads spend long hours at work in order to support their family. You can now make their job a little bit easier by purchasing an electronic massager for them. This is the perfect tool to help your father unwind.

Whether you're shopping for your partner, best friend,, boss, colleague, or fiance, we are certain that you will have found a suitable present after going through this list. Don't forget to check out the range of personalized presents available at Custom Fairy if you want to find the perfect presents for loved ones.

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