5 Gifts That will Surely Win Her Heart

5 Gifts That will Surely Win Her Heart

5 Gifts That will Surely Win Her Heart

Shopping is hard enough as it is, but shopping for the special lady in your life can be extra complicated. There’s so many categories - from shoes to bags to makeup. Trust us, you’re not the only one who’s confused! What does she want? What does she already own? What color does she want her gift in? How much should you spend? These questions are probably overwhelming your mind right now. 

To reduce your stress, we’ve compiled a list of unique gift categories that women in your life will love! Whether she's into cooking, dressing up, home decor, or makeup, you will understand her needs alot better after reading this article.

1. For the home-decor enthusiast: customizable wall-clock

Many women absolutely love decorating their space according to a preferred theme. You can now buy her the perfect home decor item - a customizable wall clock. These clocks come in different shapes and sizes, and you can add any kind of photo as a background. If you’ve got a girlfriend or sister who's an astrology nerd, the special day stars map wall clock may be the perfect gift. Simply add the date of a special day, such as her birthday, and the star map of that day will get printed on the clock, alongside the receiver's name.

2. For the women you love the most: Customized Cartoon Wall-hanging 

Personalized gifts are always the best, because they feel more special. For the special lady in your life, you can get her drawn as an adorable cartoon character! These drawings are perfect for couples as you can get you and your girlfriend drawn together in various settings such as riding a bike, going on a yacht vacation, and playing golf! There's also different options available that you can buy for your mom, sister, friend, and more. This gift is perfect because of the amount of personalization you can add to it - it's bound to be a lot more appreciated than something generic and store bought. 

3. For the sleepy girlfriend: Silk Pajama Set

We all know a girl who spends half her day in bed! These lazy girls just love the allure of their bed over other things like going outside or socializing. If you want to make your girlfriend, sister, or friend feel appreciated for her sleepiness, you can get her a silk pajama set. These pajama sets make women feel like royalty because of how comfortable and pretty they are! Pajama sets usually come with a top and bottom, but the extra special ones include a matching silk scrunchie, matching slippers, and a sleeping mask. Get it in her favorite color, and you will win her heart forever.

4. For the home-chef: New Cookware

We all know a girl who’s cooking can rival that of professional chefs! These women are the queens of food, and they can whip together a perfect meal in minutes. However, a kitchen doesn't run by itself, and the chef often needs new tools. If your girlfriend, mom, sister, etc. are struggling to upgrade their old kitchen tools, then new cookware may be the ideal gift for them. Cookware can include pots, pans, wooden spoons, and other tools. You can even invest in new kitchen devices such as a blender, food processor, ice cream machine, stand mixer, and more. This is an extra special gift as kitchen devices tend to last a very long time, and the special lady in your life will always keep the memory of you near her heart, on her kitchen counter!

5. For the bookworm girlfriend: Amazon Kindle

Booklovers can be found with their noses buried in the latest novels, usually in a cosy corner of a library. If you have a book-loving girl in your life, then she may appreciate an amazon Kindle as a gift! The Kindle is a portable device that allows you to read books without straining your eyes, as the screen is specially designed to resemble paper. Ofcourse, many book lovers prefer traditional paper books, so be sure to ask before buying! The kindle is helpful because you have access to a hundred times more books than those available in a library or store. 

Whether you're shopping for your partner, best friend, boss, colleague, or fiance, we are certain that you will have found a suitable present after going through this list. Don't forget to check out the range of personalized gifts available at Custom Fairy if you want to find the perfect presents for loved ones.

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