10 Affordable and Cheap Gifts for Date Night

10 Affordable and Cheap Gifts for Date Night

10 Affordable and Cheap Gifts for Date Night

Date Night is coming up, and you want something interesting to spice things up this time around. Finding new and creative ways to spend date night is one of the things that makes a loving and long lasting relationship. Finding the personalized gift for date night can be tricky and expensive, which is why we have put together the most affordable presents for you and your partner to enjoy. 

1. Spousology Couples Game

The Spousology Couples Game tests how well you know your spouse. It is a great gift for date night and can actually be played by more than one couple. You’re bound to create lots of memories while playing this fun game.

2. Massage Oils

Massage oils are fragrant oils that are rubbed onto the skin to make a massage even more soothing and comforting. Aside from having skin benefits, these massage oil sets are perfect for couples who want to help each other relax. They can be very therapeutic, you can get your partner's favorite scent in order to make the present more special. 

3. Baked Goods

If you’ve simple affordable ingredients like flour, butter, and sugar lying around in your house, chances are you can whip up some delicious baked goods to enjoy on date night. Ideas include decorated cupcakes, freshly baked bread, banana bread, and more. If you want, you and your date can cook together to enhance your bonding as well.

4. Personalized phone case

A personalized phone case is a great quick present for date night. You can add any designs or themes of your choice, and customize it according to your partners preferred colors. It is a great way to express your creativity for an affordable price which won’t break the bank.

5. Engraved pen

Pens can be engraved with your partner's initials! This gift looks expensive but can be relatively affordable. It’s a thoughtful gift that your partner will use for many years, and it will always be on their desk to remind them of your love.

6. Marriage advice book

This one is for married couples reading this. A fun present for date night can be a marriage advice book, which helps strengthen and deepen your love with a fun, ingenious program of eight life-changing conversations—on essential topics such as money, sex, and trust. It's a great activity to sit down and enjoy on a date night.

7. Couples Journal

This couples journal offers an insightful question for each day of the year, along with space for each partner to write his or her answer. By answering the same question every day for three years, couples can see how their relationship evolves and intimacy deepens as they explore their hearts and minds together.

8. Date Night Box subscriptions

You can actually get date night presents delivered to your doorstep every time you have a date night! These date night subscription boxes save you from the hassle of planning new activities for yourself and your partner. The subscription service does all the thinking for you!

9. Duo Video Games

One of the best date night activities - playing a video game together! Some great cooperative video games are offered for couples to play, such as It Takes Two, A Way Out, Portal 2, etc. These games help you bond with your partner and are a great way to spend quality time together online or indoors.

10. Personalized Couple Drawings

Need a quick date night gift? Get yourself and your partner drawn into adorable cartoon characters! You Can get these personalized drawings in the form of wall hanging, which can be hung in your partner's home. You can get caricatures drawn in various settings, such as riding a motorbike, sailing a yacht, and even going to the gym! All of these presents are bound to capture your boyfriend's heart.

Whether you're shopping for your partner, best friend, boss, colleague, or fiance, we are certain that you will have found a suitable present after going through this list. Don't forget to check out the range of personalized presents available at Custom Fairy if you want to find the perfect presents for loved ones.


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